red-leaves-iconStep 1

Our relationship begins with our initial consultation. We will define the area, goals, problems, wishes, styles, budget, and time frame for your project.

Step 2

After our first meeting, we begin by surveying the area and property with precise measurements. Any available property plans and drawings can be helpful.


magnolia-iconStep 3

The design is started with Step 2 measurements and calculations to create functionality and feasibility for the area. The design is custom created with your goals and recommendations to make landscape ideas a reality.


pine_branch-iconStep 4

We review and discuss all of the components involved in the design. A formal proposal is included with detailed costs and obligations of the contract.

Step 5

When permits have been approved, if necessary, work will be scheduled and started. When construction starts, work continues until the project is completed.

fern_iconStep 6

When work has been completed, we review and discuss care and expectations of any and all materials used. Your goals have come to fruition and your growing investment is ready to be enjoyed.