Bucks County Residential Landscape Design

A well created, installed, and sustainable landscape design are some of the key factors we strive to perform for our clients. Our philosophy is simple:  establish YOUR goals and the style that will enhance YOUR property. Because there are limitless components that could be used in the landscape, the right landscape designer is essential in achieving your goals.

During our initial consultation, we will observe your existing landscape and discuss your requirements and objectives. Throughout the process, ideas will be expressed and feedback will be given to make these goals a reality. Whether a small garden design, a walkway with landscaping, a design for perennial gardens, or more elaborate outdoor living spaces with patios and water features, the designs are all a balance of aesthetics and function. Your landscape is the first impression your guests and neighbors see. We can help you make that 1st impression a good one and a lasting one.

Click on the images below to view a sampling of the landscaping plans created during our design process.

A Leading Bucks County Landscaping Company

Bucks County LandscapingPeter’s enthusiasm and love of landscaping are evident as key’s to his success. His efforts are shown throughout his staff, maximizing their performance for our clients. Regardless of project size, all are created equal by putting forth our best efforts. Because our staff works with Peter installing his designs, we ensure:

  • cost productive methods
  • practical techniques
  • quality installations that last

Recognizing that designs can look great on paper, we understand how to create a design that can be feasibly applied. Our landscaping services always consist of quality components that will be enjoyed for years to come. Designs may include patios, sitting walls, retaining walls, steps, outdoor kitchens, fire pits, field stone walls, boulder walls…

Also included with construction:

  • excavation
  • finish grading
  • drainage systems

Plantings include:

  • trees
  • shrubs
  • perennial installation
  • soil amendment
  • rain gardens
  • wild flower areas
  • sod installation

Transplanting is also viable option if desirable plant material can be saved and reused.

Low voltage lighting:

Residential Landscape DesignLandscape lighting has made huge advancements in recent years. The introduction of LED Lights to the landscape has made the often overlooked feature both reliable and efficient:

  • wall lighting
  • walkway lighting
  • pond lighting
  • tree lighting


Bucks County Outdoor Living Spaces

For more than 15 years, Peter A. Jerrom Landscapes has been creating outdoor environments. These outdoor spaces include: fire pits, outdoor kitchens, outdoor living rooms, pergolas, water features, and patios. Our custom creative design solutions can expand on your thoughts and make them a reality. Many of these features are considered hardscapes, or hardscaping, that include natural stone, pavers, and veneer stone. We will then complement and soften these hardscapes with the best plants for your environment. The inclusion of a water feature could then take you enjoyment even farther… with a waterfall, an ornamental pond, pondless waterfall, or a fountain to add the soothing sounds of running water. Let us transform your backyard into an outdoor sanctuary your family and friends can enjoy.


Bucks County Landscape Maintenance

Regardless of size, maintenance should not be undervalued. Our staff can keep your investment protected by performing needed tasks weekly, monthly, or seasonally.  Most common maintenance schedules include spring and fall cleanups. Spring cleanups typically include: organic fertilizing, pruning, weeding, edging, and mulching.  Fall cleanups typically include:  leaf removal, pruning, organic fertilizing, and weeding.  We can customize to your specific needs.

When the project calls for specialty trades, not performed by our staff, our network of specialists have that ability. Our network of specialists include; irrigation, arborists, electricians, masons, paving, fencing, lawn maintenance, and carpentry professionals.